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Wireless Turnkey Solution

We have established our company as one of the leading providers of professional technical services for the telecommunications industry. We believe that TVI consultants are among the best in the telecommunications industry.

Across the globe, our staff of world-class engineers and operations personnel has designed, built and maintained networks or network equipment for many clients including the large equipment vendors and network operators.


TVI provides Turnkey services for developing products and building networks. Building a whole new telecommunications network can be challenging as well as exciting. TVI'S Turnkey Solution approach to network development eliminates the Client's need to dedicate internal resources for time-consuming management of multiple project and vendor-related issues. We can handle the project management, RF Design, site acquisition, construction management and the integration and optimization of our client's network, whether it's an expansion or new network.

TVI has the project-proven expertise and resources to ensure the effective management of the complexities faced in wireless network deployment. Our Total Network Solution can be tailored to meet our client objectives with a value-added focus on their network and performance goals. The following services can be provided based on the need of our client:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Construction
  • Network Integration and Optimization
  • Network Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Management

Strategic Planning:
Our clients can leverage the TVI telecommunications experience before entering a new market or expanding their existing system. They benefit from our intrinsic knowledge of wireless technology and extensive network and data experiences. As a result, they receive a business plan that encompasses their whole business, not only the wireless segment.

The specific activities are:

  • Consulting on how to enter a new market or expand an existing network.
  • Conceptual Network Modeling
  • Identifying coverage objectives
  • Comprehensive Feasibility Studies
  • Recommending value-added services

Network Engineering:

For new or existing networks, our client's can turn to TVI for the design support they need. We can provide expertise in wireless Network design services, including Detailed Network Design, Comprehensive RF Engineering, Signaling Planning, Network Transport Planning, and Traffic Planning. In addition, Growth Planning services are available to help them plan for future expansion. For example, to evaluate their current switch, a Capacity Analysis predicts when additional links or processor upgrades will be required.

The specific activities are:

  • RF Engineering
  • Detailed Network Design
  • Signaling Planning
  • Traffic Planning
  • Growth Planning
  • Capacity analysis
  • Vendor and technology selection
  • Route Selection and Analysis
  • Site Acquisition
  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Equipment Configuration and Specification
  • Detailed Civil and ISP Engineering
  • Unit Specification and Bill of Labor
  • Bill of Materials
  • Resource Planning and Deployment Scheduling
  • Cost Analysis and Budgeting
  • Scope of Work Development
  • Engineering Documents

Network Construction:
Network Construction Services is the project management and construction side of our business. This service combines TVI expertise in the implementation and testing of our client's wireless network elements.

From engineers and technicians to logistics coordinators and construction managers, network construction requires a team approach that encompasses many disciplines. That's why Project Management plays a key role in the Network Construction process. Our client can be assured that we will be coordinating and managing all aspects of the design and Construction of their network.

Our Project Management facilitates several Construction services, including:

  • Project and Construction Management Services manage the planning, design and execution of a network and coordinate and manage cell site construction.
  • Architecture and Engineering Services span as far as operator needs require.
  • Site Acquisition and Zoning Services provide all of the steps necessary to secure the site for the operator.
  • Spectrum Clearing identifies microwave incumbents and obtains the needed frequency for the operator's use.
  • Installation and Commissioning Services support network acceptance, equipment installation and commissioning, and installation, grounding and office release records audits. Whether it's site engineering, project management, layout, provisioning, equipment ordering, logistics management, staging or construction, our client can rely on our knowledgeable Project Management team to get the job done on time with excellence.

The specific activities are:

  • Architecture and engineering services
  • Site Acquisition
  • Zoning Services
  • Spectrum Clearing
  • Site Construction
  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Testing
  • Construction Documents

Network Integration and Optimization:
To facilitate the integration of all the Networks equipment and system optimization, our clients can turn to TVI. Through our Integration and Optimization services they receive the quality and expertise necessary to seamlessly integrate new products or transparently optimize their network. Available services include Network Element Integration, RF Optimization, and Feature Integration. Additional information on each of these is provided below.

  • Integration of all the Networks elements requires a unique understanding of how system interconnection works. Our Network Element Integration Services has developed several Integration Services to aid operators with the task of enhancing their networks with leading-edge applications. Proven test plans verify connection and network element operations to ensure successful integration of these new elements into our client network. Our client can select Integration services ranging from front-end application consultation to full network design and implementation.
  • RF Optimization focuses on optimizing call performance within our clients' recommendations for system improvement. Their RF network requires continuous tuning and preparation for future traffic expansion. We offer several levels of this service to assist our clients in regular, cost-effective optimization of their RF network. Options include Field, Remote, or Small Cluster Optimization.
  • Feature Integration helps our clients to make the most of any advanced feature they purchase. Our client will benefit from our engineers' extensive field experience in applying these features.

The specific activities are:

  • Network Element Integration
  • RF Optimization
  • Feature Integration
  • Network Acceptance Test

Network Operations and Maintenance:
Our client's networks are ever changing. Subscribers demand new functionality, which may require additional equipment. In addition, as they attract more and more subscribers their network must be tuned to optimize traffic carrying capabilities. A well-tuned network delivers better quality for lower cost, so our client's network will benefit from the critical eye of one of our experts who knows their system and, more importantly, can appreciate its full potential.

Ensuring that our clients' subscribers obtain the highest quality network is very important. Our Performance Assurance services can help our clients to achieve this goal. Services such as Performance Advisor, which provides remote analysis of system performance and capacity, allow them to allocate their staff more efficiently, plan growth earlier, and correct existing or potential problems before their subscribers experience them. Other services include Datafill Audit for ensuring the optimal RF settings are in place; Path Balancing for optimizing receive and transmit paths; and general Performance Monitoring when all they need is performance reports.

Database Management Services assist operators who are experiencing difficulty managing site or subscriber databases and range from general consulting to on-the-job training. Examples include NPA Splitting or Overlay, migration to External HLR (HLR Consolidation), and Point Code Conversions.

Our Customer Support Services are available to back-up our clients with consistent support whenever they need it, so that their system is maintained at peak performance.

The specific activities are:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Data fill Audit
  • Customer Support Services

Project Management:
Our Project Managers have extensive cross-functional experience in wireless network deployments, which is highly valued by our customers. We apply sound fundamental project management principles that are universally accepted as best practice.

The specific activities are:

  • Budgeting and cost controls
  • Financial management
  • Logistic management
  • Human Resource planning
  • Schedule management
  • Risk identification and management
  • Quality assurance
  • Vendor administration
  • Procurement planning
  • Contract administration
  • Network development processes
  • Specification and standards development
  • Management of FCC process
  • Site acquisition management
  • Construction management
  • Material management
  • Documentation management and change control
  • Project close-out
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