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Consulting Division

We have established our company as one of the leading providers of professional technical services for the telecommunications industry. We believe that TVI consultants are among the best in the telecommunications industry.

Across the globe, our staff of world-class engineers and operations personnel has designed, built and maintained networks or network equipment for many clients including the large equipment vendors and network operators.



From start to finish, we can take responsibility for a wide range of individual vendor and carrier needs throughout the world. Our clients have the flexibility to choose as much or as little of our staff resources as they need, whether it is a complete turnkey solution or providing key expertise to supplement our client's project team. Using our services offers them significant advantages, such as:

  • A single source for assistance with their telecommunications projects
  • Superior quality of services resulting in their customers' complete satisfaction
  • Optimal network performance and higher revenues
  • On-time, on-budget project completion
  • Significant reduction in expensive internal staffing costs

What's more, when vendors or carriers consider outsourcing, they look to TVI for our total solution. For example we can handle not only the up-front design work for our carrier clients, but also manage facility construction or fiber installation, site acquisition and many other related services. Finally, when it's all built, we'll make sure it operates to the right quality of service. There's no need for other external resources or management contracts. TVI can take care of all the clients needs with extreme dexterity. For more information about our wireless turnkey solution please visit Wireless turnkey solution page.

Our clients count on us to handle all of their project needs with unparalleled expertise. Our stringent Quality Assurance program is applied to every function of the company. We can help our clients to save capital dollars, improve network quality, increase revenues and keep their customers happy.

All members of our staff are carefully selected for their technical education and experience based on each project's needs as well as their ability to work and integrate effectively with our clients' staff.

We have demonstrated our expertise in consulting services for numerous companies in the following areas:

  • IP (Voice,Data)
  • Wireless Technologies (Call processing, IS-41, GSM, TDMA, CDMA)
  • AIN/IN Services
  • ATM (Signaling, Data, Voice)
  • Frame Relay
  • SS7 Protocol (MTP, SCCP, ISUP, B-ISUP, TUP, TCAP, Application layers)
  • ISDN Protocol (PRI and BRI)
  • Switch Call Processing (ISUP, B-ISUP, TUP, In-band)
  • Switch Translation
  • Network Planning and Sizing
  • Network Management Systems (TMN, SNMP, CMISE, CMIP)
  • Data Communications

Please contact us, if you are in need of consulting services or would like further information.

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